The keyboard is an essential part of a computer set. Without it, one can’t input whatever he or she wants to insert or enter in the program. The technology’s advancement has been giving mankind different options on almost every aspect of life. The keyboard’s importance has been shown through incorporation of their details in flash games like the one called Shift 2.


From the title, one can easily determine that it has something to do with the SHIFT key. To find out more about this fantastic game, please rely on the next paragraph. Shift 2 is the second edition from the dimension related series called Shift. It has something to do about the SHIFT key as mentioned already on the first paragraph. This is a platform game where the player has to pass through the doors and find the safe exit towards the next level. Along the way, he or she will find keys to unlock doors. Press the SHIFT key as quick as possible and survive the very confusing platform set-ups.