A flash game is an important thing for most people and especially, with kids because of four reasons. The first reason is because it offers entertainment to gamers which is the main purpose of all the flash games existing at the moment. The second reason is because it keeps boredom away from the gamer’s aura during stressful and bad moments. Third reason is because it is a great way to kill time during break times at work or during weekends. Last reason is because it gives a player a chance to improve on something in terms of capacity or skills.


One unique example is the flash game called Green Lantern Crimson Clash. The player’s mission in this game is to control Green Lantern and use the power of his rings to defeat the vicious Red Lanterns. Unleash the powers and skills to defeat the enemies in this game. You have the chance to choose the level that you want to play and finish it all successful. Play this game by searching for it online now!