Get the best out of your strength and make your opponent topple on your side. In Tug the Table, two players holding on a table will try to pull out each other on their side of the room. It’s like tug of war, but you’re using a table instead of a rope. Will you be able to pull your opponent or will you be the one who will be pulled to the other side? You will be playing in a room, divided in two, and each with its own color. Try not to get past through the line and to the other player’s side.

The game has no other control but the Up arrow key to kick down on the ground. Try different techniques out and experiment on how you can pull the other player with ease. There are also different game modes that will come up randomly, like having your character long legs or big heads. These modes will change the mechanics and make the game more fun. If you find the classic mode pretty easy, you can go to the settings, and turn on “Hard AI”, which is extremely hard. There is also a 2 player function if you want to tug against your friends.

Tug the Table (1)