Are you looking for a game full of action and adventure? Do you like playing hero and saving people or things? Then, search and play waffle boy adventure game online. See how far you can go. Do you have what it takes to survive and finish every waffle boy adventure game online?

In Waffle Boy Jungle Adventure, Professor Burnt Toast created a machine to destroy all waffle crisp in the whole world. He called Waffle Boy and even told him that the machine is in the deepest part of the jungle. Professor Burnt Toast challenges Waffle Boy to try to stop his machine. Play as Waffle boy and do everything to stop the evil professor and his machine.

As you play, collect as many points as possible as you try to get to the exit of each level. Try to get power ups too for they will greatly help you on your venture. Be careful as you go on your journey. There are a lot of obstacles along your way. Getting in touch with these obstacles causes you damage. Remember that too much damage will cost you life count. The robots along your way can be shut down; simply jump on them to shut them down. You can jump by pressing the space bar on your keyboard. You can also pick up and throw objects by pressing the Letter D key. Use the left and right arrow key to make Waffle Boy move forward or backward.

Waffle boy adventure game online is a challenging adventure game. It is not easy to survive but it is not impossibly hard to get through. When you play, you also need to think a bit for techniques on how to get past hazards, be able to jump longer, and be able to get to higher places.