Most of us are aiming for goodness while others strive to spread evil for no good reasons at all. There are three reasons why we should all strive for goodness. First is because God has created us all and we should appreciate it to our outmost capabilities. Second is because there is peace when all of us are doing good deeds. Last is because we can enter the gates of heaven if we whole heartedly accept kindness and goodness without pretensions and doubts. This article is about a flash game that aims for goodness and it is entitled as Baron’s Gate.

Barons Gate

From the title, you can sense or tell that it has something to do with guarding and defense. Your goal or mission in this very flash game is to shoot all the enemies trying to escape the gates of hell and trying to enter heaven. Make sure that you are able to shoot four aristocrats and their enemy troops by utilizing the weapons presented and available in the game.