Do you love the game called Super Mario? Are you fascinated with the characters named Mario and Luigi? Do you love the designs and background in this game? Well, if you are positive about all the questions then you will surely like or love the new game that will be tackled in this article. The name of the flash game is Mario Crossover 3. This is the third installment from the series where it belongs. The objective in this game is to complete the mission of Super Mario.


You will have to go through tunnels just like the Mario game. The only difference is that you will have the option to choose your character from certain video game characters such as Mario, Simon, Samus, Link, Megaman and Bill R. This is where the crossover happens. The tools or weapons will depend on which player you will choose. The great thing about this game is that it feels like you are transporting from one game to another in one medium alone. Try playing this wonderfully infused game at