A bicycle is good mode of transportation because of three factors. One is because of the fact that it is beneficial. It can be an eco-friendly vehicle because it doesn’t release any smoke at all because it doesn’t require any fuel or oil to generate and operate. Second is because of the fact that it is a good tool for exercising. If you are looking for an exercise tool which is affordable and long lasting, it is the bicycle. Last is because of its versatility.

cyclomaniacs (1)

It can be driven in steep roads and streets because of its lightness and thinness compared to common vehicles. There is no wonder why it has been incorporated in flash games like the one called Cyclomaniacs. It is actually the first edition from the series with the same title. It is a bike racing game where a player can choose to race against the computer or race against the clock with the automatic 10-man bike race. The controls in this game is pretty simple which are the letters ASWD. You can customize your bike’s acceleration, brake and boost system. To play this game, you can visit www.cyclomaniacs3.net/cyclomaniacs-1.