Help Granny defend her home as aliens try and steal the special raspberry jam for their ship’s fuel. In Granny Strikes Back, you will face different snow monsters created by the aliens. With help from Granny’s agent and farming skills, teach these aliens whose boss and kick them away from our planet.

You control Granny by using the directional keys. And the weapon key will be your choice, either W,A,S and D firing the same direction as the arrow keys, or the mouse where you point and click. There are four game types in Granny Strike Backs namely Siege, Defense, Survival and Boss. In Siege you will defend the house and stop the snowman as they destroy the house. In Defend, you must kill all snowmen you can, and let none escape if possible. Survival is killing all the snowman chasing you down without getting killed. And in Boss, you have to kill a giant flying disc in order to succeed but this isn’t easy knowing the fact that a boss has underlings, a lot of them. Granny also levels up as the game progresses; you can upgrade different skills depending on how you play. You can increase weapon damage, reload rate, ammo capacity, speed and power-up drop rate.


There are also several buildings that can help you and Granny defeat the alien’s snowman army. Build wells that throw water on snowman that freezes them, build hamster holes that houses a seed-throwing rat and a lady snowman to trick and seduce the snowman army. Granny Strikes Back requires your focus and strategic planning. You might not be able to finish the game in one sitting, but no worries, open up the game in the same browser you used up during your last game and you can find your game saved there. The game has an excellent storyline and action-packed. One of the best flash games you will ever play.